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Tummy Tuck Surgery in Newcastle upon Tyne

Reducing the size and improving the shape of the abdomen area is one of the most common wishes of both men and women. An abdominoplasty, abdominal reduction or tummy tuck is a larger cosmetic surgery procedure which sees both excess fat and skin removed. The process may also involve improving and enhancing abdominal contours, removing scars and tightening muscles. Some people opt for a number of abdominal procedures at once, and tummy tuck surgery is most commonly paired with liposuction.

Are you a suitable candidate for an abdominoplasty?

If your abdominal area has excess skin and fat then you may be considered suitable for this plastic surgery procedure. For women, it is often pregnancy which leaves them uncomfortable and unhappy with their abdomen and surrounding area, although it can also be the case where there has been weight loss. Men who have lost significant weight too may be candidates for an abdominoplasty to deal with the excess skin and fat remaining after the change in weight.

Many people who opt for an abdominoplasty have already considered other options, have tried exercise but in any instance, if you want a smoother, flatter abdominal area, then it is worth considering abdominal reduction surgery.

Preparation and Recovery from Tummy Tuck Surgery

The preparation process for your tummy tuck operation will be discussed in depth once you have agreed to the surgery. There are both complex and mini tummy tuck options which may be suitable dependent on your circumstances.

A complex abdominoplasty may take as long as three hours with an average one to two nights in hospital stay and this would entail removal and repositioning of the navel. If you have a smaller amount of excess skin confined only to the lower abdomen, a smaller procedure may take place, with or without a need for muscle repair, resulting in a smaller incision.

The operation helps to remove the skin and fat from the area but it cannot strengthen and shape the muscles. Patients will have a reduction in size and a reshaping to their abdomen but there may still be a need to do exercise to achieve that fully flat and toned look.

Abdominoplasty is a complex surgery so you should be prepared for recovery to take a number of weeks. There will be a scar too, which is usually positioned across the bikini line and a second scar around the navel, should it have been removed and repositioned.

Tummy Tuck Consultation In Newcastle

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