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Removal of Moles, Cysts, Skin Tags

Whether you are looking for the removal of a lesion for practical, cosmetic or other reasons we can discuss the procedure with you. Removal of moles, cysts and skin tags are usually simple and quick procedures but of course this is influenced by the position, size and other factors relating to the lesion itself. The most common methods for removing these kinds of lesions are:

  1. Elliptical excision
  2. Shave excision
  3. Snipping using surgical grade scalpel or scissors

We offer full consultation and discus all methods before you have to make a decision. The main reason people look to have moles, cysts and skin tags removed are cosmetic but there are also situations where such lesions can be impractical. Sometimes they restrict movement and can be painful so this is another clear reason to consider removal surgery.

Preparing for and Recovering from Lesion Removal

The preparation for your mole, cyst or skin tag removal will involve going through your options at your consultation, ensuring you find a treatment which perfectly suits your situation. You will have the opportunity to go through your whole procedure and ensure you fully understand every element. If you have any questions or concerns there will be plenty of time to discuss them too.

Removal of moles, cysts and skin tags is carried out as a day case under local anaesthetic with very little or no pain at all and hence you should be able to be treated on an outpatient basis. Patients can leave as soon as they feel up to it and for most this is fairly quickly. Once the local anaesthetic wears off you may have some pain in the area where the lesion has been removed and you can discuss pain relief options before being discharged.

As this is a relatively small and quick procedure for most patients, you shouldn’t need any additional time off work and should be able to return to your regular day to day activities immediately. You would be advised to keep the operated area dry for at least 48 hours, and any removable suture would be removed within a week or two, depending upon the site operated.

If you are interested in discussing your circumstances and would like to book in for your initial consultation please simply contact us today.

Plastic Surgery Consultation

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