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Removal and Exchange of Breast Implant

There are many situations where a breast implant may need replacing. The original implants put in place usually have a ten-year life span so it is standard procedure to need them replacing fairly regularly. There are also other situations, such as problematic implants, pain because of the implants and an abnormal change in shape or size of your breast necessitating removal and in some cases replacement of the implants.

Why would you want your breast implants removed?

There are a wide range of common reasons that women need or may want their breast implants removing, including:

  • Rupturing or deflation to the implants
  • Over-firm or hard to touch implants
  • Finding your implants aren’t a good fit, you’re simply unhappy with them
  • Concerns relating to the integrity of the implants
  • Sinking of the implants below the natural breast crease, sometimes known as ‘bottoming out’

Breast Implant Removal and Replacement Surgery

There are a range of different treatment options available dependent on your circumstances and the motivation behind your decision. Dependent on the condition of your current implants it could be possible for them to be repositioned but usually they are removed and replaced. You will attend a full consultation so your situation can be fully assessed. You can look at other implant sizes and shapes if you are considering a straight exchange and discuss other options if you’re looking for removal.

Breast implant removal and replacement surgery is similar in many ways to the original breast augmentation surgery. It usually takes up to 2 hours to complete and is performed under general anaesthetic. You will need to spend at least one night in hospital too. The surgeon is likely to use your old scar to open up and remove the implant and dependent on the new implant’s size, there may be need for more invasive surgery, with the release of the breast capsule supporting the implant necessary to fit a larger implant into place.

Removal surgery is quicker and easier to heal from than replacement surgery and when your breast implants are replaced then the recovery process is much the same as before. You need to ensure you wear a soft and supportive sports bra for at least six weeks and avoid driving for up to four weeks after the procedure. You can discuss your individual circumstances and get a full understanding of your post-operative care before confirming your procedure.

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