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Mastopexy and Augmentation (Breast Lift and Enlargement)

Both Mastopexy and Breast Augmentation procedures are designed to help women get the breast shape and size they desire. In many instances these two procedures are combined so women can have their breasts returned to a fuller, better shape and also enjoy them lifted to the best position too. The breasts firmness and shape will be improved and enhanced.

Many women are unhappy with their breasts, especially as they age but also due to pregnancy and breastfeeding and as they change shape with both weight gain and loss. A combination of these two procedures can help enhance breasts to the desired shape and size.

Mastopexy Surgery (Breast uplift)

Mastopexy surgery is simply an uplift of the breast. This procedure allows the breasts to be positioned in a natural, firm position, which is something that can be lost over the years as the breasts begin to droop. Uplift surgery entails repositioning the breast which usually involves removing some of the loose skin and repositioning the underlying breast tissue, without changing the breast size. This differs slightly when implants are being fitted alongside the uplift as the breast size will then be enhanced with the implant.

Breast Augmentation Surgery (Breast Enlargement Surgery )

Breast augmentation surgery works by the positioning of an implant. The implants can be placed either behind the breast tissue or behind the muscle which the breast lies upon. When combined with Mastopexy procedure, the implant can usually be inserted via the same incision as the one used for Mastopexy . Breast implants used in this procedure are made from silicone shell and then filled with silicone gel. They come in different shapes and sizes, with some being simply round and others more shaped. Whether you would benefit from Mastopexy alone or from Mastopexy combined with augmentation is something you can discuss at length before your procedure.

Recovery from your Breast Enhancement Procedures

Breast augmentation combined with mastopexy is a complex procedure. This means you need to be prepared for a longer recovery period and keep your expectations in line with the healing process. It will take around six weeks for your breasts to feel their new normal but you will find the pain and soreness begins to settle after the first week or so.

It is important you follow pre-surgery guidelines provided to you as closely as possible to ensure you have the best possible result from your surgery.

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