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The Changing Face Of Cosmetic Procedures


In these body conscious times, going under the knife seems like a fast and effective way to change the way we look.


The procedures available to us today have come a long way over the past few years, and there now seems to be a treatment available to iron out even the smallest of imperfections. Advances in technology mean that you can change the way you look with relatively safe procedures that only require short recovery periods.


What’s more, cosmetic surgery has evolved to offer far more natural enhancements and the stigma attached to admitting to paying for a perfect body seems to have dissipated. Long gone are the day of pneumatic breast enhancement or tightly pulled back brow lines, instead surgery these days leans towards complementing your existing physique with nips and tucks available to help you contour lumps and bumps and add subtle definition where needed.


This year, like every one that has gone before, has key trends that are becoming more and more popular. Cosmetic surgeons in the North East are seeing an increased demand for certain types of procedure. Whilst breast augmentation and liposuction procedures remain as popular as ever, procedures like arm reduction and chins lifts are also becoming more popular.


Perhaps as a nation we have passed through a phase of being obsessed with over enhanced, unnatural looking surgeries and now we simply want quick, easy fixes to correct areas of our bodies that leave us dissatisfied? Whatever the reason, you can be assured that cosmetic surgery is no longer considered an extreme way of making the very best of our looks.


Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery in the North East keeps us looking younger for longer.


One fact that does remain true, is the constant desire to stay looking youthful. As we age, the way our skin look and feels changes. The loss of elasticity results in sags and wrinkles that can make us look older than our years. Cosmetic surgeries can help to reduce the appearance of ageing and hold back the years for a little longer.


You can even opt for a non-surgical approach to cosmetic enhancements with the use of botox or other fillers that ease out fine lines and wrinkles. If a full face lift feels a little extreme, you can visit your surgeon for regular enhancements that will brighten your face and leave you looking fresher.


These types of procedures are not long lasting though, and do need to be re-applied on a regular basis. Even so, they are effective and affordable making them popular with patients of all ages.


Cosmetic surgery in the North East is not just for the ladies either. Our men folk are getting in on the act too. Some procedures work equally as well for both sexes and chin lifts and other enhancements are popular with both men and woman. Procedures like Male breast reduction (Gynaecomastia surgery) are specifically designed to remove excess breast tissue in men and are becoming a popular option for guys who cannot solve this with exercise alone.


Whatever your thoughts are on cosmetic surgery procedures, these days surgery really is a viable, effective and affordable solution.


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