To book a consultation at Olaya Plastic Surgery please contact Mr Hussain’s private secretary, Sue Worth, on:

Tel: 07957 030 991


Clinic Hours: 9am-5pm Mon-Fri





Nuffield Health Hospital, Newcastle
Clayton Road
Newcastle upon Tyne

Northumbria Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust
Rake Lane
North Shields
Tyne and Wear
NE29 8NH

Olaya Plastic Surgery Prices

Olaya Plastic Surgery

Olaya plastic Surgery prices can vary depending on the procedure you are looking for.  Please book a consultation for further information and to discuss in more detail.

If you require a more detailed consultation regarding surgical procedures please contact Mr Hussain’s private secretary, Lesley Eadington, for further details.

To book a consultation at Olaya Plastic Surgery please contact Mr Hussain’s private secretary, Sue Worth.

Fee Structure

Initial Out-patient fee (£120) which covers all Out-patient appointments prior to in-patient stay. You would not be charged if you wished to attend second time following your initial consultation to address any queries or concerns, prior to your surgery.

For up to date fee structure for plastic surgery procedures carried out at Nuffield Health Hospital Newcastle upon Tyne, variations do exist between hospitals and fees will be individually calculated for you after your consultation.

The fee quoted will cover costs related to your total care (pre-operative assessments, in hospital stay, medications, and routine investigations), theatre, surgeon and anaesthetic fees. It also covers all required post – operative visits for up to 12 months after in-patient stay and any necessary management of clinical complications. It does not include the initial consultation fee of £120 which will be invoiced separately.

All costs and fees will be discussed in full detail and provided in writing prior to surgery.

You may wish to take advantage of personal medical loans scheme from the Nuffield Health Hospital.

Plastic Surgery Consultation

To find out more or book a consultation please get in touch with us today.